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Incredible Charts provides a number of free technical analysis and trading resources.

Free Charting Software

IncredibleCharts Pro offers:

Quick and easy operation

Online convenience

Data is delivered online from high-speed servers as you chart individual stocks, saving you from:

  • Being restricted to one computer;
  • Time-consuming daily downloads;
  • Hours wasted maintaining data files; and
  • Data loss – if your hard disk crashes.

Free Data

Premium data, delayed until after 10 a.m. the next day, is available free to students and other subscribers who are not actively trading. Data is adjusted for stock splits which could distort data history and cause false trading signals.

You can also import data from Yahoo, but this is not adjusted for the above dilutions.

Free Market Analysis

The Trading Diary provides an overview of gold, crude oil, forex, economic indicators and stock market indices, describing suitable trading strategies. To view the latest newsletter Click Here.

To subscribe to the FREE Weekly Trading Diary:


Customer Review I find your system thoroughly useful even though I have been trading on technical analysis for many years. I find that you stop me from reverting to emotional/judgmental trading which is something that all of us can do when we sit alone in our offices. Good luck. Regards Chris

Free Technical Analysis & Trading Education

Out trading guides include more than 150 titles on:

Free Forum

Discuss stocks and trading strategies in a friendly and supportive atmosphere on the Chart Forum.

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