• Education

    • Technical Analysis
      What is technical analysis and does it really work? The foundations of technical analysis are support and resistance. Dow Theory builds on this to analyze the structure of trends.
    • Chart Patterns
      Chart Patterns are formed by support and resistance levels and by trend lines. They include long-term patterns such as Head & Shoulders, short-term patterns such as flags, daily reversal patterns, candlesticks and Point & Figure.
    • Point & Figure Charts
      Point & Figure charts are used to identify support levels, resistance and chart patterns. Point and Figure ignores the time factor and concentrate solely on movements in price.
    • Moving Averages
      Exponential, Simple, Weighted and Wilder moving averages: formula, selection, signals and trading systems.
    • Indicators A ~ Z
      A complete guide to technical analysis indicators.
    • Trading Strategy
      How to protect your capital with proper risk management strategies. How to position your stop loss orders. How to avoid common trading traps and control your emotions while trading.
    • Stock Screener
      The Stock Screener is used to identify securities that warrant further analysis. Filters include Price, Volume, Moving Averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Directional Movement, RSI, Stochastic, and many others.
    • Economy
      Interest rates, yield curves, central banks such as the US Federal Reserve, inflation, gold, and crude oil.
    • Investing
      Active investors combine fundamental and technical analysis, moving in and out of the market in accordance with the phases of the business cycle.

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