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Registering as a Forum member

Register separately on the Chart Forum - you cannot just use your Incredible Charts user ID and password.

The Forum software is produced by a separate software developer and the database has to be maintained separately.

Click here to register


Create your own password.

If you later forget your password:

  • Click the Profile link at the top of any Chart Forum page;
  • On the Login page, there is a link below the Login button:
    Forgotten password? Click here to restore access
  • Click the link on the Login page and your password will be emailed to you.

Activating your Forum account

When you register with the Chart Forum you are sent an activation e-mail from the server. Click on the enclosed link to activate your membership.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Support.


My posts take a long time to be displayed

Posts from new forum members are queued until they have been reviewed by a moderator. This may take several hours.

After approximately ten posts, members are no longer queued unless:

  • they have not provided their full name and contact details on their Profile; or
  • previous posts have been edited by the moderator.

My post does not show up

If you use the browser's back button several times after posting a message, you are looking at the page as it was before you posted the message. Clicking links from the Navigation Bar avoids this problem.

If you still have a problem, then your browser is pulling the document out of its cache instead of reloading the document, and it keeps displaying the old version of the document. To avoid this, set your browser to verify documents every time upon loading as follows:

  • Internet Explorer: Click on Tools, then on Internet Options... . Under "Temporary Internet files" click the "Settings..." button. Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages", select "Every visit to the page". Then click on OK to exit the settings dialog box, and finally on OK to exit the options dialog box.
  • Netscape Communicator: Click on Edit, then on Preferences..., and then on the + icon next to "Advanced". Then click on Cache from the expanded tree. Under "Document in cache is compared to document on network", select "Every Time". Then click on OK to exit the screen.

Adding charts to your posts

First, save the chart as an image in Incredible Charts.

Then complete your post on the Chart Forum, leaving a space below the last line and then select the Upload Attachment button:

  1. Insert a short name for the chart (Eg. "MCD")
  2. Use the Browse button to locate the chart file (E.g. "mcd_ax09Apr02_to_13Feb03.PNG")
  3. Click the Upload button to upload the image.
    You can then cut and paste the image anywhere within your post.
upload image or attachment

The Forum will not accept my image files

Image files larger than 100 Kb will not be accepted by the Chart Forum.
This includes most bitmap (.bmp) files.

Image files which are larger in dimension than 651 pixels wide and 406 pixels high will not be accepted by the Chart Forum.

Netscape Navigator does not recognize PNG images for upload to the Forum.
We recommend that you use Internet Explorer or another browser with similar capability.

Opera browsers set image types for uploaded images differently to other browsers: images are saved as attachments rather than as inline images.
We recommend that you use Internet Explorer or another browser with similar capabilities.

I cannot upload attachments

Internet Explorer may be blocking pop-ups.

  • Select Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy
  • Under Pop-up Blocker, click the Settings button
  • Add *
  • Click the Add button then Close.

Text entry boxes reset when I resize windows

This appears to be a feature (or a bug) with some browser programs. The solution is not to resize windows when you are filling in a text box.

Text entry boxes reset when I use the back button

This appears to be a feature (or a bug) with Internet Explorer. Most screens in the user interface preserve the user's input even if an error occurs. In general, you do not need to use the back button when you are presented with a form to correct your mistake.

Text entry boxes don't fit entirely on screen

Unfortunately, text entry boxes cannot be resized within the document to fit on your screen. One option is to drag to the left the border between the main menu and the page containing the text box. Alternatively, you could increase your desktop size to 800x600 or higher. Warning: If you resize the frame, all text contained within the text box will be lost and must be re-entered.

Text entry boxes don't show up correctly

Netscape Communicator 4 appears to have a bug that prevents text entry boxes from showing up correctly in some cases. If you click the mouse under the "Add a Message" line, where you think the text entry box would normally be, you get a cursor. Otherwise, try using the NavBar to go back one page and then return to the page on which the text entry box does not show up.

Some links present "not found" messages

Moderators can set up links that appear as subtopics but really link to a page that is outside of the discussion board. Likewise, anyone posting a message can include links. If links are entered incorrectly or change, you will get an error message. If you get an error message, contact the moderator (be sure to specify where the bad link was). The moderator can then fix or remove the bad link.

Strange characters appear

Depending on your browser and operating system, some special characters and formatting will not be displayed correctly. This is especially noticeable with browsers below Netscape Navigator 3.0 and below Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. Some fonts are specific to the Windows operating system and will not be displayed correctly on other platforms.

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