Dial-up and Virtual Private Network Settings

Check your Dial-up and VPN proxy server settings:

  1. Go to Internet Explorer and select Tools>>Options>>Connections
  2. Click the Settings button under Dial-up and Virtual Private Network Settings

  3. Is the box under Proxy Server checked?

  4. Some readers have reported that the problem disappeared when they amended their proxy server selection:
    • Un-check the Proxy Server box: (Use a proxy server for this connection)
    • Ensure that the Automatically detect settings box is checked.
    • Attempt to connect with Incredible Charts.
    • If the test is successful, consider leaving the settings as they are 
      (provided that other software is not affected).
    • If the test is unsuccessful, re-check the Proxy Server box
      and contact your ISP to confirm that your proxy server settings are correct.

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