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Personal Firewalls

  1. If you have a personal firewall, you will need to allow Incredible Charts to communicate with the Internet.
  2. If you are not prompted by your firewall (to permit the new software), temporarily disable your personal firewall in order to complete the installation.

  1. Restart your firewall;
  2. Then start Incredible Charts from the Start menu.
    If your firewall prevents Incredible Charts from connecting to the Internet, you will need to adjust your settings.


Right-click and select Copy Shortcut to link to this paragraph   IP addresses

You can limit your configuration to specific IP addresses, although we do not recommend this.

If you wish to customize your firewall settings, you will need to create permission for outgoing TCP connection to the following addresses:

  •    Port 443
  •      Port 80
  •        Port 80
  •  Port 80

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