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Support > Getting Started > Trendlines & Captions
Getting Started > Getting Started > Trendlines & Captions

Getting Started: Trendlines & Captions

Add a Caption

  • Select Draw >> Caption or add caption on the toolbar
  • Click on the chart to place the Caption.
  • Add a Caption Marker (1 below) or leave blank if you want the captions to number sequentially
  • Add a detailed Caption (2 below) that displays on mouse-over
caption and marker

Draw a Trendline

To draw a trendline:

  • Select Draw >> Autofit Trendline or autofit trendline on the toolbar
  • Drag your mouse below (up-trend) or above (down-trend) the price bars for the period
  • Select Closing Price for long-term charts or Highs/Lows for short-term (less than 6 months)
  • The trendline will automatically fit to price bars in the selected time period
drag trendline on chart

To modify a trendline:

  • Right-click on the trendline to edit its properties.
  • Click on the trendline to drag it to a new position.
  • Click on the anchor at either end to drag that end only.
adjust trendline

Draw a Standard Deviation Channel

This fits a linear regression line to selected data, with channel lines normally at 2 standard deviations on either side (enclosing roughly 95% of the data).

  • Select Draw >> Standard Deviation Channel or standard deviation trend channel on the toolbar
  • Click on the chart and drag across the selected time period
trend channel drag mouse
  • Select the number of standard deviations (normally 2.0)
trend channel select standard deviation

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