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A - C

  • About the Trading Diary
    Explains the purpose of the Trading Diary, how to interpret the Market Strategy and how to search the diary archives.
  • Advanced Options
    Commands that are complex or infrequently used are placed under View >> Advanced Options
  • ASX Option Codes
    ASX Options are issued with a six letter code....
  • ASX Warrant Codes
    ASX Warrants are issued with a six letter code...
  • Back Testing
    Use the scroll buttons on the toolbar to simulate actual trading conditions.
  • Backup
    It is advisable to backup your watchlists and project files on a regular basis.
  • Candlestick & OHLC Colors
    Candlesticks are colored according to opening and closing price, OHLC by comparing closing price to the previous close.
  • Captions
    Incredible captions - highlight buy and sell signals and record your observations right on the chart...
  • Chart Construction Details
    This page explains some of the issues surrounding actual construction of the charts ...
  • Chart Intervals
    Use the View menu to switch between chart intervals such as minute, hourly or daily bars.
  • Chart Types
    Candlesticks, bar charts, equivolume, candlevolume and point and figure
  • Chart Views
    Chart types, log and normal scale, legends, crosshairs, price and time axes, indicator views and screen splits.
  • Crosshairs
    Use cross-hairs to line up bars on a chart, or to check dates or price levels.

D - H

  • Data Compatibility
    Incredible Charts fetches packets of data from the server as you chart each stock - eliminating the need for daily data downloads. The data format is not compatible with other charting software.
  • Data from Yahoo
    Import data from external websites.
  • Data Import
    Import data from files on your computer - in descending date order.
  • Data Update Times
    20-minute delayed ASX and SGX updates, and 15-minute delayed LSE, TSX, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX updates.
  • Dilution Adjustments
    Stocks may be adjusted for the dilution effect of share splits, special dividends, rights issues, spin-offs and reconstructions. Here are some examples ...
  • Email Charts
    Effortlessly send charts to your friends.
  • Fibonacci Extensions
    Project Fibonacci extension levels from a present trend.
  • Fibonacci Retracements
    Project Fibonacci retracement levels from an existing trend.
  • Format Charts
    Customize indicator colors, chart gridlines and background colors to suit your needs.
  • Forum Help
    Registration, posting, email notifications, ...
  • Forum Images
    Members of the Chart Forum are requested not to post images with the names or links to other software ...
  • Get Started
    Find a stock, select a chart type, add indicators, adjust the screen view and change the time period.
  • Hide Advertising
    Premium members can hide the top banner and right margin advertising banners ...

I - I

J - P

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    Shortcut keys to activate Incredible Charts commands from the keyboard.
  • Legend
    Display the chart legend, show/hide indicators and edit their colors.
  • Live Updates
    Incredible Charts automatically updates when when there is a new version available on the server.
  • Log & Normal Scale
    Use log scale to view charts with large price variations, normal scale for shorter-term charts.
  • Mac Users
    There is no special Mac version but some users successfully run Incredible Charts with Vitual PC.
  • Menus & Toolbars
    Menu and toolbar commands.
  • Point & Figure Setup
    Create custom Point and Figure chart s from the Indicator Panel.
  • Premium Members
    Assistance for new subscribers.
  • Price & Time Scales
    Adjust scales for the price and time axes
  • Price Bar
    OHLC Volume and Date are displayed on the price bar below the chart.
  • Print Charts
    Create handy print copies of charts.
  • Project Customize
    Set a project to open with a custom security, time period, chart interval, chart type and log/normal scale.
  • Project Tabs
    Recently used project files are displayed as tabs below the price chart (and indicators), above the bottom price bar. Click on a tab, for example [Relative Strength], to display the project ...
  • Projects Add
    Create new project files for your separate trading systems. Save all customized chart and indicator settings.
  • Projects Explained
    A project contains a set of indicators, trendlines, captions and default settings. A project does not contain data relating to specific securities. All data is stored in a ...

Q - S

  • Quotes from Yahoo
    Delayed quotes can only be imported from Yahoo at this stage. Please notify us of any other websites that you would like to see included ...
  • Relative Strength
    The Relative Strength indicator is set up using the Price Comparison indicator. Indicators are saved to your Project ...
  • Save Chart Image
    Save charts as bitmap or png images.
  • Scroll Back/Forward
    Scroll back/forward on the time axis with the scrolling toolbar.
  • Sector Analysis
    From Stan Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets - a breakout model for trading stocks and shares in a longer time frame ...
  • Sectors Dow Jones
    Dow Jones US Sector Indexes ...
  • Sectors S & P
    Standard & Poors (S&P) US Sector Indexes ...
  • Stock Menu Add
    Add exchanges to the stock menu list.
  • Stock Menu Browse
    Browse securities menus alphabetically or by sector.
  • Stock Menus Customize
    You may wish to customize your watchlist and menu settings to reduce the number of sub-folders
  • Stock Search
    Find a stock or index by searching for the security name or symbol.
  • Stock Select
    Select a stock by entering the symbol in the securities toolbar.

T - Z

  • About the Trading Diary
    Explains the purpose of the Trading Diary, how to interpret the Market Strategy and how to search the diary archives.
  • Data Update Times
    20-minute delayed ASX and SGX updates, and 15-minute delayed LSE, TSX, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX updates.
  • Time Period Select
    How to select a time frame to display on your chart
  • Time Zones
    Advice on converting times in different countries.
  • Toolbars Customize
    Left-click and right-click commands for toolbars
  • Trend Channels
    Trend channels are used to track the momentum of a trend, with peaks (or highs) frequently respecting the upper trend channel; and troughs (or lows) respecting the lower ...
  • Trendlines
    Draw trendlines on a chart.
  • Undo/Redo
    Easily undo or redo recent changes.
  • Uninstall
    To uninstall, open Uninstall.exe in the Incredible Charts folder
  • Watchlist Emails
    Set up daily or weekly watchlist emails that can be exported to spreadsheet.
  • Watchlists
    Save time: Add securities to your watchlist.
  • Watchlists in Excel
    Creating watchlists with Excel
  • Watchlists Multiple
    Organize your securities into multiple watchlists.
  • Yahoo Data
    Import data from external websites.
  • Zoom
    Drag your mouse pointer to zoom in on a specific chart period

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