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Premium Members Help

Subscribe to the Premium Version

To subscribe click here.

Activating the Premium Data Service

If you subscribe to Incredible Charts Premium Data Service when your free trial expires, an activation key will be sent by email.

To activate your account:

  • Select Activate Premium Version on the toolbar.
Right-click and select Copy Shortcut to link to this paragraph
  • copy and paste your activation key into the required field
Right-click and select Copy Shortcut to link to this paragraph

Activation Key

The activation key is a 28-digit alphanumeric code that is emailed to you within 10 minutes if you subscribe by credit card.
If you subscribe by check, the email is sent on receipt of payment.

Thank you for subscribing to Incredible Charts.

Here is your activation key:



To activate your account:
(1) Open Incredible Charts software;
(2) Open Help >> Subscription Activation Key on the main menu;
(3) Copy and paste your key into the activation field.

Renew Your Subscription

Premium membership is continuous and there is no need to complete a new subscription on your anniversary date.

Annual subscribers are sent an email reminder, one month before their anniversary date.
If your credit card details need to be updated, contact us.

If you can no longer access the Premium version, send us your new UserID.

New/Repaired Computers

New Computer Checklist
  • Record your MemberID from your old PC
  • Download the free software
  • Install on your new computer
  • Create a new password or use your existing one
  • Transfer your projects and watchlists
  • Do not enter your old activation key on the new computer
  • Send us your new UserID so that we can activate your new computer.

Activate a Second Computer

Do not enter the same activation key on two computers, the authentication software may block Incredible Charts on both computers.

You may request that a second computer be activated against your subscription, provided that you do not run Incredible Charts on both computers simultaneously.

MemberIDs, UserIDs and Passwords

Your UserID is the 6-digit number that identifies you on your computer. Windows allows multiple users on the same PC; each will have a different UserID but only the first will receive a free trial.

Your UserID is displayed at the top of the Login page; under Help >> About >> Membership Details on the charts menu; and at C:\program files\incrediblecharts\Member\UserID.txt
Your MemberID is the 6- to 10-digit transaction reference that identifies your membership. It is sent with your subscription email, your activation key and is displayed at Help >> About >> Membership Details on the charts menu.
Create your own password when you login to Incredible Charts for the first time. Your password will only change if you use the Edit My Password link on the Login page, or if your UserID has changed.

Payment Options

You can subscribe by credit card or check. Please note that the check option:

  • Is not available for monthly subscriptions;
  • Is only available in Australia;
  • Is not activated until your check is received; and
  • Also applies to Money Orders, which can be purchased from any Australia Post outlet:
    • Select the Check payment option on the Subscription page;
    • The Money Order should be payable to Incredible Charts Pty Ltd;
    • Mail the Money Order and your Incredible Charts order number to
      PO Box 5182, GCMC, BUNDALL, QLD 4217, Australia.


To unsubscribe click here.

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