Stock Screener

Moving Average Crossovers


  • Bull Signal
    When the fast moving average crosses to above the slow moving average.
  • Bear Signal
    When the fast moving average crosses to below the slow moving average.
Example 1
moving average crossovers filter

To Set the Moving Average Crossover:

  1. Click the Moving Average (Exponential) filter
  2. Choose between a Bull signal or a Bear signal
  3. Select a first moving average or closing price ("Close") if you want to identify closing price crossovers
  4. Select a second moving average
  5. Select the number of days within which the crossover must have occurred or excluded
  6. Click Add to add the filter.
Example 2

To screen for stocks that are in a long-term up-trend:

  1. Go to Stock Screener
  2. Reset
  3. Select ASX 200 under Indices and Watchlists
  4. Select 200 as the Maximum Return
  5. Click the Moving Average (Exponential) filter
  6. Select Bull Signal
  7. Select 5-day and 100-day MAs
  8. Enter 9999 days
  9. Add
  10. Sort the return by clicking on the column heading MA(5,100)
  11. The higher the number in the MA(5,100) column, the longer the fast MA has remained above the slow MA (21 days is 1 month; 63 days is 3 months).

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